American betting – the appearance of Data Sports Group in the market

It has been recently revealed that a gambling giant, like, Data Sports Group has entered the US sports betting market and has concluded a couple of beneficial business contacts, says
The entity is an international provider of sports content and data based in Berlin. It serves sports betting sites such as Dafabet, Bundesliga 2 team sites and sports media companies such as ESPN. It brings its B2B analysis and data platform to the US market.
The group provides statistics and betting data on more than 30 second and third category sports, with a focus on soccer, cybersport, rugby, cricket and the summer and winter Olympic Games.
Stephen Crystal, CEO of the entity declares that nowadays it doesn’t matter whether you have a mobile sports betting provider or a partner site, in any case content and data are critical to engaging gamesters, especially outside of the list of big six sports. Therefore the DSG has created a proposal that is essential for any operator or content producer.
Data Sports Group specializes in global brand development and investment, regulatory representation before government agencies, and strategic business development in the international betting and entertainment markets.
It’s notable that lots of key industry players state they are delighted to be working with Stephen, aiming to develop the sphere altogether.

Source: Gambling Insider

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