Disney is in the game or how the corporation enters sport betting market

Betting on handicaps or totals no longer provokes a disapproval from Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, we can say as Disney has changed the business orientation dramatically.
Although Disney’s media company ESPN has been discussing and accepting sports betting for some time, things have already changed and, according to a results report from the 10th, the company tries its hands in, states in bleacherreport.com .
Lately Bob Chapek, CEO of the Disney Corporation declared that they have extensively studied not only the impact on the ESPN brand, but also on the Disney brand in terms of changing consumer perceptions of the acceptance of bets. As a result, it was found that these things are closely connected. Therefore today the game itself no longer is the one it was before, for example, 10 or 20 years ago. In fact, the tendency strengthens the ESPN brand with a betting component and does not affect the Disney brand at all.
Exactly that’s why the company is interested in the new opportunity, and, of course, the considerable income is something that is highly estimated, so the Disney workers are actively working on it.
It is notable that Chapek’s remarks have set off a whirlwind of speculation among the media and financial analysts that continues.

Source: Sportshandle

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