Hockey betting from professionals

To begin with, let’s figure out what bets are in hockey and consider the main types in which bookmaker players mainly specialize. Also, careful reading of our material will save a beginner from the most common mistakes that many novice players make unknowingly and unawarely. Agree, if, in your opinion, the rate you made won, and the bookmaker calculated it as losing, you get a rather unpleasant feeling?

Types of hockey bets

The following main types of rates are used in hockey bets:

  • One X Two (regular time) – in hockey, as in most sports, there is a standard line with 3 outcomes. According to its odds, you can place a gamble on a draw or a victory of one of the teams.
  • Total. The number of goals scored in the game. Typically, it always counts at 5.5 pucks or so. There is also an individual total (the number of goals scored for the first or second club), where the coefficient usually varies around 3.0.
  • Handicaps. Most often, there are equal handicaps from 0.5 to 1.5, if one of the teams looks like a potential winner. Handicaps greater than one and a half are usually rare. It is known that one puck is enough to win, so gambling on a potential winner with a handicap of one and a half or more is a rather risky event.

Less popular will be:

  • Bets on the correct score. The account is taken into account in regular time. This type is a difficult-to-predict type of bet in hockey.
  • Double chance – a rate simultaneously on 2 possible outcomes of the match.
  • Bet on the pass. This type involves guessing the tournament fate of the team, the winner or the passage to the next stage of the competition (Stanley Cup winner, division winner, who will make it to the NHL playoffs, group stage winner or World Championship winner, etc.).
  • At what stage will the hockey match end. There are three possible outcomes here: regular time, overtime and shootouts.
  • Bet on the next goal. Quite an interesting type of rate, it is optimal for playing live (see below for details).

Analysis of the upcoming match

An analysis of the upcoming hockey game should include an examination of many factors, such as:
In what form the hockey team is currently. In a losing or winning streak are the teams, what is the total of the match in the fights of these opponents. Often an outsider who is in good shape wins against a stronger team.
The results of teams in away matches, in home matches, depending on where the game takes place in the match being analyzed at the moment. Once again, both the outcome of the games and their performance need to be investigated. Teams often show very different results, playing away and at home. These are the most important points.


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