Why to bet on athletics?

It is quite appropriate to call athletics a decent sport. It combines running, throwing and pushing, jumping and walking. Today it occupies a position of a very popular and highly popular sports discipline. Proof of this will be the fact that over 200 national associations are part of the International Athletics Association, bulk of the types of athletics are part of the Olympic Games.
Running tournaments are organized all over world. The advantage of running of different kinds is that classes are available almost everywhere. Gamble on this sport include not only running, but also race walking, hurdling, shot put, discus and javelin throws, long jump, high jump and pole vault.

Running is a spectacular and widespread sport, but the offices add events to the line irregularly: during the Olympics and the World and European Championships. There are popular contention Gold, Diamond League.

Where can you bet on athletics?

Most online bookmakers have sports gambling in their arsenal, but not all. Therefore, you have to be a little confused to find a bookmaker’s office for gambling on these sports.
Open the bookmaker rating and go to the sites of the companies with the highest rating. If there is athletics in the line, then you can safely register. And in order to avoid a situation in which the necessary competitions will be absent in the chosen bookmaker’s office, we recommend registering in several places at once.

Types of bets on athletics and weightlifting

  • The winner of the competition is the main option in bookmakers. It is necessary to predict which sportsman will win the contention.
  • Who` s higher? – the bookmaker offers a pair of two athletes, and player needs to choose which of them can show the best result.
  • Top three – a bet on getting a participant into the top three at the end of the competition. Top 5 – similar to the previous one, only here you should determine the finish in the top five. There are also top 7, top 8, top 10, and so on.
  • The best snatch result is a bet in weightlifting where you need to guess the sportsman who will score the best in this exercise.
  • The best clean and jerk result is another weightlifting bet, just for a different exercise.
  • Whether the record can be broken – you can also gamble on whether the previous record will fall. Such options are offered by bookmakers for Olympic Games, European Championships.
  • Winning a tournament means long-term bets on the results of the entire tournament, not on its individual stages.

What is the right way to bet on athletics?

Event Analysis
Each discipline has its own characteristics of analysis. And if we talk about general criteria, then these are the shape, the weather, the size of the prize money, the past injuries of the competitors, the motivation and support of the fans.


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