Why should you bet on biathlon?

The huge interest in this winter sport can be explained by the combination of two seemingly incompatible sports disciplines in it. However, it was the symbiosis of skiing and rifle shooting that turned out to be the most spectacular. Each entry of biathletes to the shooting range is an incredible intensity of emotions and, quite often, a cardinal rearrangement in the table of current race results.

To this already spectacular winter sport, biathlon adds a lot of adrenaline. A huge army of biathlon fans has in its ranks many fans to bet on their idols. And among others, it is not just that biathlon flaunts at the top lines of the ratings and in the lines of gambles on winter sports at online bookmakers.
For those who like to make money on rates, biathlon offers a season full of races, which usually begins in November and ends in April. During this time, a lot of competitions of various levels take place, among which Olympics should be highlighted.

What can you bet on in biathlon?

Race winner. The most obvious and popular rates. You need to predict which of the athletes (or which of the teams, if you are gambling on the relay) will win the race. At some bookmakers, you can even bet on who will take the first 3 places according to the results of the race. It is clear that guessing the winner of a race in this sport is more difficult than, for example, the winner of a football match. There are too many possible options in our case, even if the favorites can usually be identified with some degree of certainty.
“Who is higher?” This type of bet allows you to place a gamble on which of the two athletes finishes higher. In a good list, leading bookmakers suggest a large number of possible pairs of participants, and you need to guess which of them is lucky to have a higher place in the final list. The odds in such a market are much less than in the rates on the winner of the race, but the chances of making the right gamble are many times higher.
The number of misses and penalties. Bettor is asked to guess how many mistakes one or another participant in the run will make, or all of them in total. Pay attention to the format of the race: if in the sprint a miss automatically means visiting the penalty loop, then in the relay, for example, there are additional cartridges, and penalty loops happen much less often.

How to bet on biathlon?

In biathlon, it is quite hard to predict final distribution of places at the finish line. On the other hand, high odds on many participants allow for different strategies. It is more justified to play at high odds.


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